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Our mission

Seduce and pamper !

Club Diana aims to contribute to the overall happiness of its guests. We do this by offering them a pleasant, erotic experience. With attractive ladies: ‘The ladies of Diana’ and in an atmosphere where one quickly feels safe and at ease. Starting points for our guests are intimacy, hospitality, safety, security and of course discretion. In addition, our ladies also lack nothing and we are known as a good employer.

Our cycling history

How a brothel enters the Tour

In current professional cycling, a cycling team without an accompanying racer is unthinkable. What does this have to do with club Diana do we hear you think? Everything ! Because it was sauna Diana who first introduced this phenomenon in the cycling platoon. It started in the early 80s when sauna Diana sponsored the local cycling club. The founders of sauna Diana, Frans and Corrie Siemons, found it strange that riders before and after a cycling race often had no decent dressing and shower available. So an old English double-decker was bought. This was rebuilt so that the riders of the sauna Diana team could start the race relaxed and quickly refreshed afterwards. While the professional cyclists had to make themselves doubly folded in a car in the eighties, the Zundert drivers already had a real cycling bus. All this got out of hand in a pleasant way. Before we knew it, our cycling bus served as a riders bus for professional teams or the concept was copied. Thus, the coach of sauna Diana for many years has been a regular follower in all major pro races, like for example the tour de France. The coach of sauna Diana has become a true icon for many cycling enthusiasts.

Club Diana is currently no longer active in cycling. Although, very occasionally, the double-decker still pops up at a cycling event. This wonderful piece of cycling history is documented in a special TV episode of Andere Tijden Sport. We can not tell you better and better. Click here to view the broadcast.

Wielrenbus Diana
Wielerkleding Sauna Diana
Park Diana
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About Club Diana

Through the years


Sauna Diana is founded. Directly a club with ambition and the only one with a swimming pool.


Sauna Diana introduces the ‘riders bus’ in the cycling platoon and the tour de France.


The cycling team of Sauna Diana creates (inter)national furore.


Behind the club the unique private residence Parc Diana rises.


Parc Diana is expanded with the Vip Lodge. From now on, you can enjoy Parc Diana the entire year.


Sauna Diana changes her name to Club Diana. Reason: sounds more contemporary and makes it clearer what the sex club is doing.


Club Diana is celebrating 40 years! Meanwhile, we have become a household name in the Netherlands and far beyond.

Fransbaantje 2b, 4881 MG Zundert

Mon to wed 12:00 – 00:00
Thu to Fri 12:00 – 01:00 AM

Phone number:
+ 31 (0)76 597 4197

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